How Vietnamese Chefs Are Harnessing Flavours to Push Culinary Boundaries

Ensconced in an alleyway in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, Nén Light, MICHELIN Guide Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City 2023, feels a world apart from the roaring streets of Vietnam’s biggest metropolis. Swarming around the restaurant are motorbikes and cars that ceaselessly tear through the city, but nestled within sit curious diners contemplating their spotlighted plates. There’s a lot to take in before taking that first bite. The atmosphere is relaxed and pensive as the diners chatter over the c

Boarding Soon – A New Way to Travel

In anticipation of the resumption of travel, Singapore Airlines has been hard at work reimagining every aspect of the pre-flight experience. “By keeping a real-time pulse on the challenges travelers are facing and changing customer preferences, we’ve been able to rapidly innovate and leverage the latest technology to enhance and redesign the pre-flight customer experience,” explains Haoyu Dai, Divisional Vice President Digital, Singapore Airlines.

Maldives Audio Tour

Divers revel in the underwater diversity after discovering the tropical metropolis of Malé. Surfers fuel up on fresh fruit from the plantations on Thoddoo Island before catching thundering waves. And on Fulidhoo Island, take in the sun during the day and catch up with the friendly islanders in the evening. The Maldives is undoubtedly where you can craft that covetable beach vacation. But it’s also where you can unearth centenarian architecture, devour the freshest seafood, and dance with demons

The Traveler's Final Frontier

As the Philippines prepares for the return of international tourists, the Caraga Administrative Region emerges as a welcome respite, blending island retreats with intrepid adventuring. It’s easy to think that every corner of the world that can be explored, has already been explored. But the Caraga region – a treasure trove of uninhabited islands, beautiful rivers, and thundering waterfalls – proves that there are still some exclusive places to visit if you go off the beaten track. The gatewa

Feeding and Healing Cities

A social enterprise is making Singapore’s ambitious food security goal about something more than just self-reliance. Edible Garden City believes urban farming cultivates a greener and more inclusive environment that also nourishes the minds and health of citizens. In 2019, Singapore announced its ambitious “30 by 30” target: to produce 30 percent of the country’s nutritional needs domestically by 2030. This mission has never seemed more important than after more than a year of trade disruptions

Safeguarding the Oceans

Chic clusters of bungalows that hover over crystal clear water. Secluded islets of pure white sand. Crescent-shaped beaches spotted with slender coconut trees. These are the iconic images of the Maldives. But beneath the surface are even more striking scenes: A kaleidoscope of fish darting above a carpet of coral, inquisitive octopuses draped over craggy rocks, and majestic manta rays swimming through beams of underwater sunlight. This magical world beneath the surface has been a lifelong inspira

Korea’s Slice of Paradise

South Korea’s Jeju Island isn’t quite like anywhere else. Thousands of years ago, volcanoes were carved out from intense geographical activity, including meandering coastlines and soaring mountains. The fertile soil has cultivated vibrant flower fields and verdant forests. And the subtropical sun casts a summery glow on the beaches, offering visitors a warm welcome. “It looked exotic,” said Kang Sae-byeok, better known as Player 067, one of the heroes of Netflix’s hit show Squid Game, after rev

Travel Better: Responsible Travel in the Philippines

The travel industry has helped bring countless individuals out of poverty, but it’s also been an important force in preserving the country’s diverse and rich cultures. Tourism has provided valuable employment opportunities to people with disabilities and encouraged others to launch programs with lasting community impact. With sustainable tourism and environmental preservation being key focuses over the last decade, you’ll find that it’s possible to have even more fun in the Philippines than ever. Here’s a taste of the outstanding destinations and colorful characters you’ll encounter during your visit.

A Paradise Escape: Electric Bangkok

Bangkok boggles the mind like no place else. When you fly through the sky on the city’s thundering sky train, it feels like you’ve stepped into the future – until you look down and spot traditional houses that have stood for decades. Take in the views from a riverside skyscraper and you’ll be on top of the world – but then the neighboring ancient stupa will bring you back to earth. For breakfast you can tuck into mouthwatering street eats, for lunch you’ll snack in boutique bistros and in the e

A Paradise Escape: Southern Thailand's Beaches

Beyond the beaches, Phuket offers urban delights that might take you by surprise. Phuket Old Town overflows with stories told through picturesque heritage buildings. Rows of colorful shophouses lie in small alleyways and reflect a spirited trading history. Handsome Sino-Portuguese mansions are proud reminders of Phuket’s tin-mining industry, which shaped the island in the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, these buildings are captivating places of interest, with many converted into trendy cafes, bou

Digitalize – Revolutionize

Covid-19 is accelerating global trends that were in motion long before the pandemic. Working remotely, for example, was a burgeoning prospect available to office workers in a modest but increasing number of industries during the 2010s. In the age of Covid-19, it has become the norm. Analysts are also expecting trend acceleration through the recovery. In manufacturing, for instance, businesses have long been trying to diversify their supply chain. Lockdown disruptions have reenergized these ambitions, highlighting that diversification is not just desirable for profitability but essential for continuity.

Hoi An: A Fairytale

How many travel articles does Hoi An feature on? Countless. How many stories can this fabled old town tell? Countless. How many photos will you take of the gorgeous architectural blend? You guessed it – countless. And how many tourists are there in Hoi An at any given time? Well, you can see the pattern. Hoi An is Vietnam’s most successful tourism destination, and that’s largely due to the pristine (but minute) old town. Hoi An is one of the few port cities that survived the wars unscathed, maki
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Comprehensive Fitness. Community Spirit.

We’re all about comprehensive fitness. We believe that you need to challenge yourself in different ways to build a strong, healthy and long-lasting body. We also believe in building a diverse and supportive community. At The Fitness Village you’ll connect with entrepreneurs, artists, educators, diplomats, writers and comedians from across the world. You’ll find people at all stages of their fitness journey — from marathon winners to complete beginners. We specialize in classes and group traini

Tailoring Your Experience, One Adventure at a Time

We’ve been crafting adventures in Vietnam since 1993, which is why we know that they come in all shapes and sizes. A personal experiment with street food is an adventure – as is crawling through caves with the kids. We believe that when it comes to travel, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Instead, the key to a remarkable Vietnam experience is working out the right adventures for you – and that’s where we come in.

Artist. Creator. Innovator

Born in 1949 to a family of prominent artists and intellectuals, Thanh Chuong was raised during a pivotal time that nurtured his creative ingenuity. The French colonial era was about to end and a new volatile chapter of Vietnam’s history would begin. Thanh Chuong’s artistic sensibilities were crafted as much by his country’s history as they were nurtured by this family of artists and writers. His prodigious abilities surfaced when he was only seven-years-old as he started winning awards and prizes for his drawing both in and outside of Vietnam.

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